Sweet Indulgences at the Cake Bake Shop

November 4, 2015

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I’m very excited to say that my cross country road trip has begun. First stop? Indiana.  I wanted to find some place really special to visit during my short stay this time around, as I had been unsuccessful and disappointed with the hunt the last time I visited. I love going out for tea and coffee, and a delicious piece of dessert and a cute shop will usually mean I’ll find myself seated and ready to order in a blink of an eye. Since that wasn’t the case the last time i visited, I went on a serious hunt for something special. My wonderful husband had discovered the Cake Bake Shop during this trip, and after a quick glance at the pictures I excitedly made it our mission to visit the following day.

Photo credit: Indianapolis Restaurant Scene

Photo credit: Indianapolis Restaurant Scene

Decorated by a white winter wonderland, this French-inspired interior had an elegant, cozy space with white and grey marble countertops and silver and gold decorations.


I couldn’t help but noticed all the framed photos on the wall featuring all of their amazing accomplishments – most notably, their gold-metal bake-off achievements, raves reviews from celebrities and notable chefs who all agree that this is the place to be if you want something sweet.


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And yes, that is absolutely a glass slipper encased on a pedastal!! ♥


One look at the large array of goodies, and you can’t help but want to try at least one of everything.  From the sparkly Triple Chocolate Brownies to the Chocolate Silk Pie and delightful Butterscotch Pie, you can bet our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!

Cake Bake Shop Display1_resize

Cake Bake Shop Display_resize

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The staff was wonderful and excited for us to experience this all for the first time.  Affordable and delicious, the Cake Bake Shop offers a wide selection of freshly made baked goodies by baker, Gwendolyn Rogers who is self-taught.  She’s so good, celebrities like Elton John, Barefoot Contessa and more have had her treats and rave about them.



Although they offer a selection of wine and champagne, I’m a coffee and tea kind of gal, so I opted for The Wedding Tea with hints of lavender and floral notes. My husband ordered a really nice latte.

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My husband and I tried 3 generously-sized pieces of cake.

1) Mixed Berry Cheesecake

Incredibly creamy and the graham crust was not too hard or thick.  It was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had.


2) Gwendolyn’s Famous Earls Court Chocolate is the shop’s go-to cake – which by the way, was ordered by Elton John (yes, the Elton John) for his birthday!   This cake features three layered of French chocolate filled with chocolate ganache, malted cream and topped with chocolate fudge and Fleur de Sel sea salt.  Not too sweet or bitter, and incredibly moist. If you’re a chocolate fan, you must try this!


3) Red Velvet Cake.  There’s something about the red velvet that I am attracted to.  I don’t usually like berry sauce, so it could be the contrast of a beautiful deep red on white, with the creaminess of the cream cheese filling that seems so satisfying. This cake was a winner of multiple competitions. It’s made with cream cheese filling & vanilla bean buttercream.  It’s very moist and the cream cheese filling and buttercream had the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess without being overly heavy.

This has officially made it onto my list of “must-visit” places, and I’ll be going back every time I visit relatives in Indiana,. And hey, if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be able to share this with some girlfriends every time!

Cake Bake Shop Miki

I’m traveling across the country and can’t wait to check out all the quirky cafes, restaurants and the delicious food that they have to offer.

What are some of your favorite foodie spots?

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  • Reply Cissy Tang November 4, 2015 at 11:25 pm

    This is the exact type of shop I would love to own and operate and eventually retire and grow old with.
    Love the décor, the cakes, basically everything this cake shop has.
    Great find Miki! I will mark this on my travel notes and hope to visit here one day.
    Thanks for sharing, and keep the good things coming!!!

    • Reply miki November 5, 2015 at 12:48 am

      Thanks Cissy! It’s so beautiful. You’d absolutely love this spot. The French decor is alone, so lovely. Let me know if you ever end up stopping in. 🙂

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