4 Stylish Bag Brands to Buy From Now

July 24, 2020

My obsession with a good bag goes back to when I was a child shopping with my sister in Versace. I believe I was about 8 years gold. I didn’t know what luxury was back then, but what I do remember is that everyone inside was dressed well, and the accessories in the store were my favorite.  A good bag doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. Good structure, quality control, design can come at much more affordable prices. These are 5 great bag brands under $1000 you can invest in.


One of my all-time favorite brands is none other than Strathberry. Their pledge to be as sustainable as possible, re-using scraps of their leather to make additional accessories and finishes are one of the many reasons I love them. Aside from East-West woven bag, nano and micro bags are incredibly beautiful and amog the favourite of many Fashion Editors and Influencers. Every piece is hand-crafted by artisans in Spain, with most of their standard bags taking around 20 hours to put together by hand. The workmanship is very high quality. I find myself reaching for my Strathberry bags over and over again. Most recently, you’ll have seen their special collection on the runway for Strathberry X Xhu Zhi.

Photo credit: Miki Cheung
Photo Credit: Tania Stolyarenko


This luxury bag brand flies under the radar. Their atelier is based out of Paris, and the bag designs are modern, different, classy and eye-catching. Every time I wear J0EI6, I always get asked what brand it is, and where they can buy them. The leather is incredibly soft, and construction is beautiful. When carrying a bag from JE0I6, it feels like you’re wearing a timeless piece of art. It is unlike any other bag brand on the market.

Photo Credit: Gili Beigun
Photo Credit: Miki Cheung
Photo Credit: Kayleigh Li


One of the most versatile bags on the market, the bags are made in the same factories as Celine, at only a fraction of the cost. Their totes are convertible, so you can carry it with the top handle, on the side/crossbody with the long strap, or on your back. When my hands are full and I’m travelling, the backpack option is incredibly handy. The bags are water and stain resistant, making it a great piece for those who have some harsh weather conditions on a seasonal basis. They are now offering vegan leather options as well.


An emerging brand that had been on my radar for some time is Yuzefi, and my favourite to date is the Doris half moon bag. The shape is unlike many other bag brands, which really calls to the unique style and shape. Similar to the Dior Saddle, it might not be big enough to hold your phone, but if you’re like me and usually have it quickly available in your pocket, that won’t be a problem. This bag should fits a battery bank, lipsticks, cards, keys and essentials. The leather is very soft and the chain detail is so beautifully done. When you dress in classic pieces, this really adds a beautiful architectural element to your outfit.

Photo Credit: Miki Cheung
Photo credit: Nina Sandbech

In addition to these listed above, I wanted to give an honerable mention to Jacquemus. They create full ready-to-wear collections, shoes, accessories and handbags, but as many of you know they often stay true to their brand and update the patterns and colors to their standard shaped bags, so they’re also worth checking out.

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