Champagne Brunch at The Mission Inn

October 24, 2016


Life is full of so many wonderful experiences worthy of experiencing. In most cities, great brunch spots don’t take reservations have line ups out the door. Lucky for me, this weekend Tom surprised me with reservations to The Mission Inn. Voted as the #1 Best Historic Hotel by USA Today, The Mission Inn is very well known for their historical architecture, lovely courtyards and of course, their dining experience, including their champagne brunch. Continue Reading…

The Perfect Everyday Sweater You Can Travel With – Make Me Chic

October 21, 2016

The Perfect Sweater to Travel WithAs we move into cooler climates, reaching for something cozy just does the trick. Whether you’re at home or travelling, looking and feeling good really offers a great little pick me up those days where it gets a little chilly. I love layering as it gets cold, but no one wants to go out looking like the Michelin Tire animated mascot, right?

Continue Reading…

3 Tips on Avoiding Trip Exhaustion

October 20, 2016

3 Ways to Prevent Trip ExhaustionFrom the moment I book the trip to the moment I depart, I’m often feeling high from all the amazing experiences. My first trip to Japan was over 15 years ago, and I recall being so excited to go. It was the first time I experienced jet lag and tremendous exhaustion. You’d think, as a young teen that it wouldn’t be so rough. I suffered from jet lag when I arrived and exhaustion at the end of my trip. The experience was beautiful, but boy was I tired. Have you heard of anyone say they need a vacation from vacation? I know that feeling. Continue Reading…

How to Wear a Jewel Tone Coat with Dezzal

October 17, 2016

How to Wear a Jewel Tone CoatFashion is a continuous cycle of trends that repeat, get reinterpreted and translated into modern times. One of the most beautiful seasons to shop is Fall/Winter collections; It’s always full of staple pieces that can be worn for years to come, including soft knits, cozy turtlenecks, suede over the knee boots, buttery leather jackets, comfy furs and of course, classic tailored coats. This season, I wanted to add a new coat to the wardrobe, but not just one that is camel or black. I deeply desired something that looked luxurious, yet classic enough to be worn following year and even 5 years from now, and Dezzal once again won my heart over; this time with a beautiful cobalt blue wool coat with a soft, removable collar. Continue Reading…

Travel Guide: The Best of Positano

October 13, 2016

Top Things to See and Do in PositanoIf I could sum up Positano in one word, I’d say romantic. A destination with beautiful views, delicious food, plenty of wine and perfect weather (at least in September) is all captured in this one little spot.  Positano is a place where you can walk the narrow lanes, grab a few desserts, and select a little spot to enjoy what the region has to offer. Continue Reading…

The Reversible Bomber Jacket

October 10, 2016

Zaful Reversible Embroidered Bomber Jacket Fashion BlogThere’s nothing like a nice breeze rolling off of the ocean on a hot day. Santa Monica is one of my favourite places to be in Los Angeles. Not just because it’s the beach, but because we lived a few minutes walk from this one when we first arrived, so there’s always a bit of nostagia towards how life all began when I first arrived to the city that’s so well known for beautiful weather, pink skies and palm trees. Continue Reading…