Rahul Mishra SS20 Paris Fashion Week Runway Collection

November 13, 2019
Rahul Mishra Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2020 Collection Paris Fashion Week

Rahul Mishra SS20

My first runway show with Rahul Mishra happened at the tail end of fashion month for me in Paris two years ago and it was one of the most beautiful and memorable ones of the season. To this day, I have been a huge fan of his detailed work, and this season I had the pleasure of seeing the Spring / Summer 2020 collection hit the runway.

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Tatras Spring/Summer 2020

October 1, 2019

If there were one way I would describe the Tatras SS20 collection, it would be a playful kingdom celebrating nature, where you can be free play with color and prints as you please.

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Paris Fashion Week FW19 Outfit Day 2

March 21, 2019

During Paris Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting with luxury bag designer, Nicolas Theil, who makes every single piece in his Paris atelier. The under-the-radar label often creates one of a kind special pieces for a special clientele that is in the upper class socialite circle, yet his design inspiration is incredibly approachable and relevant to people of all backgrounds;I’m talking about how nature is negatively impacted by humans and how we live.

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Paris Fashion Week in French Luxury Faux Fur Label – La Seine & Moi

March 19, 2019

Nothing says luxury like a quality piece from the ateliers in France, and fortunately for me I came across LaSeine&Moi through a very good friend of mine, Julia Comil. They’ve been in the business of making their faux fur pieces in house and in Paris using locally sourced fur. Inspired to create long-lasting chic and stylish pieces that that was as warm as real fur but would steer her clear of animal cruelty, Lydia wanted to make faux fur pieces that her and her friends would be excited to wear.

You all know I love outerwear and I must admit, approximately two thirds of my closet consists of coats.  When I purchase a coat, I want to have it for the long haul, and unfortunately I’ve personally come across faux fur at higher price points that easily started feeling different, or looking worn out after only being exposed to rain/water or snow once or twice. How heartbreaking to fall in love with a stylish faux fur piece only to have it destroyed in the very weather we bought them for?

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Paris Fashion Week and Runway Trends for Fall 2019

March 12, 2019

Fashion month for Fall 2019 had come to an end! I’m so grateful I got to catch a couple of shows and presentations in Paris. Below, I’m sharing some of the latest collections I got to see from Paris and I’m rounding up some of the trends you can expect to see as we lead into Fall 2019.

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New York Fashion Week Outfits FW19: What I Wore

February 21, 2019

When it comes to preparing for New York Fashion Week, I can only describe it as a huge juggling act that’s part of attending a full-blown circus; theatrical, enamoring, magical and at times, gripping with heart palpitations at times you least expect or even at times you don’t want them to. My decision to attend New York Fashion Week was purely very last minute this season. Just 2 weeks before, I had expected to finalize a book to Europe, and that had all been pushed out. Alas, I found myself scrambling to pull a few outfits together, send emails and check all the invitations and change RSVP’s to Heck Yes, or actually, more appropriately, just Yes.

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