Best CHANEL Beauty Products to Add to Your Make Up Bag for Valentines Day #AD

February 8, 2018

This blog post is sponsored by CHANEL®. All opinions and thoughts towards these products are my own. #sponsored #ad #chanelbeauty #chanelpartner

We’re now only a week from Valentine’s Day and that means many of us are making plans with friends, family, girls, guys or loved ones. Whether you’re staying in or going out, dressing nice and dolling up is so important all year round. Before I get out the door my plan is to draw a long bath, before I put on my favourite fragrance, beauty products and dress. It’s all about making yourself feel extra special on this occasions and every single day! With a holiday celebrating love around the corner, there’s new make up products and specials everywhere you look, and of course, today I’m sharing a review of some new make up products, and a special limited edition bonus for all my readers from CHANEL. Continue Reading…

3 Stylish Ways to Wear a Sheer or Mesh Dress

February 5, 2018

Sheer Dress Street Style Fashion Inspiration #streetstyle #fashionblogger #ootd #fashionweek #valentinorockstud #meshdress #sheerdress

Back in November, I picked up my third mesh dress. When I am taken by an article of clothing, I think of the various ways I’d wear it. No matter what the cost, I find myself justifying the purchase. Mesh dresses that are partially or completely transparent are not that commonly seen on the street, but I like to take something over the top and dress it in a fashion that is every-day-wearable. Albeit, it’s not an outfit most would wear to work, but it’s definitely wearable for the weekends and evenings and I’m going to share 3 ways you can wear a mesh dress so that it’s appropriate and you don’t feel like you’re walking around bare. Continue Reading…

Tips on Visiting Costa Rica: La Fortuna & Arenal Volcano

January 18, 2018

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I’ve been back from Costa Rica. It felt like yesterday that I was just sitting in a beautiful swim up bar overlooking the lush forest staring straight at Arenal Volcano. These moments felt like a piece of paradise. Tom and I decided to take a trip someplace we had not been together, and since he knew I fell in love with adventure activities while solo travelling back in Thailand in 2010, he suggested Costa Rica. We booked a flight into San José and stayed for almost 2 weeks, so I thought I’d share a basic guide to Costa Rica for anyone planning to visit. Continue Reading…

Viscaya Museum and Gardens Miami

January 15, 2018

Ruffle Sleeve Backless Dress #streetstyle #fashioninspiration #fashionblog #traveller #travelblog #styleblog #blogger #miami #southflorida #bestdresses #itanianarchitecture #frencharchitecture #italyinpired #outfit #outfitinspiration #maxidress #backlessdressMiami is one of those destinations I regularly return to. When I am saving both time and money for a long-haul trip, I take a few days and head down to Miami for a little bit of everything. It’s such a beautiful city to get your fill of art, sun, beach, music and entertainment. There’s really something for everyone. With family flying down to Florida for the holidays, we decided to take a road trip and beach hop. We spent a couple of days leading up to Christmas in South Florida and Miami was the perfect place to be. We spent a day on the beach and mid-afternoon, my brother suggested the Viscaya Museum and Gardens. Continue Reading…

4 Great Tips on Increasing Your Quality of Life

January 11, 2018

I hope you and your loved ones all had a wonderful holiday! I’ve been away since the start of December. I went to Costa Rica for almost 2 weeks, flew into Minnesota for a couple of days. As soon as I returned, I hosted family visiting from Canada for a month and went beach hopping around the state. It was so nice spending Christmas with my family in Miami. Some of my family flew back shortly after Christmas while the rest continued beach hopping around Florida so Tom and I took the opportunity to fly out to Baltimore to surprise some of his family. His grandparents always spoil us and I feel like a kid again. Having owned this beautiful, soft purple coat for some time and knowing it wasn’t going to get very cold in Florida, I decided to wear it to both Minnesota and Baltimore where it was frosty.

Since I hardly see family all year-round, I spent most of my time with them and took a nice break from social media. This gave me so much time to reflect on the year and focus on what was truly important.

Every year there are plenty of highs and lows. While it’s never perfect, I always believe we should feel so blessed for what we have and what we’ve achieved. Think not what failures or misses you’ve had, but what you’ve learned; not what you wish you had done, but what you can look forward to. So, I’d like to start my first post of the year sharing tips on how I made a few changes the last few months and weeks to increase my quality of life.  Continue Reading…

20 Beautiful Dresses to Pack on Your Next Holiday

December 20, 2017

Best Holiday Dresses to Buy Now #ad #outfitideas #topdresses #bestdresses #vacationstyle #resortstyle #vacationideas #streetoutfit #styleinspiration #outfitinspiration #fashionblog #styleblog #travelblog #costarica This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. Full disclosure linked here. #ad #sponsored

As I’m sharing this post with you, I am once again away from home beach hopping with my family for the holidays. This year has been a whirlwind of various trips to hot and cold destinations. I finally made a trip to Costa Rica, saw a lot of California, flew back to Paris, moved from Los Angeles to Florida and more. I am so excited for what’s to come next year. Regardless of where I go, I always pack a couple of beautiful, yet classic dresses that I know I’ll want to wear over and over again.

For this trip, Tom and I packed our bags and flew off to Costa Rica. It is such a beautiful place to visit. Nestled between Cloud Forest and Arenal Volcano, is La Fortuna.
It’s a great middle ground for exploring both areas. We stayed at a couple of gorgeous hot springs resorts and took in our beautiful surroundings and woke up with a view of the volcano every morning. We went on a few adventure tours and it reminded me of when I went to Thailand for the first time about 8 years ago. Even after all the excursions and activities, I still needed a nice outfit for the evenings.

I packed a Self Portrait skirt and paired it with a simple white cross back crop top, pearl statement sandals and my ruffle bag from ZaraContinue Reading…