DIY Floral Centerpiece Home Decor for Coffee Table

October 7, 2015

Floral Bouquet Centerpiece and Coffee Table Centerpiece

Are you hosting a party, or updating your space?  See this easy DIY on how to create your own inexpensive flower arrangement for your coffee table, bedside table, dining table, bathroom or pretty much anywhere in your space! 

Last month, I invited my niece over for a sleepover.  She had never done a sleepover with me before, so I wanted to make it really fun for her. After extensive planning of all of the meals and activities, I looked at the living room and thought to myself, “How nice would it be if I picked up some flowers to create a flower arrangement with her?”  She’s a cute, curious little person who loves to play dress up, rummage through my accessories and almost anything that’s girly, so while I was at the local supermarket, we picked up a couple of bouquets of flowers.

See below on how I created this floral arrangement for our coffee table.

What you need:
2-3 bunches of different flowers
1 Pair of scissors
Optional: A roll of clear tape


STEP 1:  Buy 2-3 types of flowers.


Look at your space and don’t be afraid to add complementary colors.  This is your chance to create a stand-out coffee table floral arrangement.  I love purples and blues, so I picked up these beautiful lavender colored roses and kept it simple with some white flowers.  You can do blue and pink, orange and red, and so on.


STEP 2: Remove the packaging and measure the flower against your vase.

Cut flowers

Before cutting, check how tall you’d want your flowers to come out of the vase and add 1/2″ to 1″ to the length.  They won’t always sit straight, so adding that bit is good because you’ll likely cut them throughout the week to keep them fresh.  After you measure, cut the first one and put it in the vase to see if you like the length.  Once you find that length, cut the stems of all of the flowers the same length.  You can then choose to cut some of the leaves from the stems off, but I like a lot of green, so I kept most of mine on.


Step 3: Fill up the vase halfway with water and add some flower food


Step 4: Grab one of each flower into a bunch



Step 5: Repeat the process of Step 4, until you have all the flowers into your hands

Here, I grabbed purple-white-white, purple-white-white, purple-white-white, and so on until nothing was left on the table.  If there are more of one type of flower, leave those on the table to use towards the end.  (I had a lot of white flowers, so I left 5 of them on the table to use in the end)

Place the bunch from your hands into the the vase.


Step 6: Arrange them to your liking and insert the extra flowers.

DIY Floral Centerpiece Top View

After putting the flowers into the vase, add the extra flowers that you had in between the ones in the vase to fill gaps.  I wanted to fill the vase more, so I cut I took the leftover stems and filled the gaps in the vase, as seen below.

Here, you have a flower arrangement your home.

Floral Bouquet Coffee Table Arrangement

Bouquets: $6 each from local grocery store (but I’m sure you can find them for less)
Vase: $1.70 at Dollarama
Total Cost: $13.70