Le Dîner en Blanc Style Details Orlando

November 13, 2017

Diner en Blanc White Theme Party OutdoorsThis weekend was jam packed with activities and one of the most anticipated for the locals was the 2nd annual Le Dîner en Blanc Orlando. As many of you know, the location is never shared with guests, so there was a lot of people guessing where the beautiful white party would take place. My guess was Lake Eola, and I was right – but not because there aren’t tons of other beautiful places to be, but because I’m hardly ever in town and it’s one of the very few pretty spots in Orlando that I happen to enjoy. It has a beautiful view of the lake and is located right downtown.

Diner en Blanc White Theme Party OutdoorsWith daylight savings having happened the weekend before and guests arriving 30mins to 1 hour after the event start time, many guests were setting up in the dark, but you could catch a glimmer of the pretty pearls, crystals embellishments in the light, and the dresses and feathers flowing through the cool breeze coming off the Lake. There was lots of laughter, tons of glasses clinking and of course, plenty of great accessories, incredible tablescapes and pretty dresses. In the past, I had attended in daylight, so I was hoping to show all of you as many great outfits as I could this year.

Women and men of all ages came together to celebrate, share a laugh and create great memories. That night was a night filled with fantastic accessories and fashion moments: fascinators, flapper-inspired headbands, over-the-top hats, flowing dresses, plunging necklines and amazing back moments. At one point, I saw a girl carrying a pretty gold sphere handbag and it’s like she disappeared into the night, as I never saw her again.

Some of the men took a more laid back resort-style and decked out in linen shirts and trousers, while others dressed in tailored white tuxedos. It reminded me when my husband and I got married – we wanted it to be all white, so he got a custom-made tailored white suit for when we married in the Dominican Republic as seen here. It was starting to get a little chilly this week and a few people brought white coats. For tips on How to Style a White Coat in the Winter, click here.

There were some great call out to some ongoing trends that even I am reluctant to see die – ruffles, statement sleeves, asymmetrical hems and my favourite, lots and lots of feathers! (I’m so obsessed!)

Below are photos of attendees of the event. I tried to capture as many as I could in the dark. The slideshow is for easy viewing. For those who attended and want their photo, click on the thumnail below the slideshow to access the photo. Thanks to everyone who agreed to stand up in the middle of their meals for these photos! Until next year!

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