How to Make a Great First Impression this Holiday with Banana Republic #AD #ComeTogether

December 12, 2017

 This post is in collaboration with Banana Republic. All thoughts, content ideas and experiences are my own. #ComeTogether #itsbanana #ad #sponsored

It’s holiday season, and that means that family and friends come together to celebrate. While most of the time you see mostly family faces, it also means the first meeting with a significant other’s family,, running into high school buddies, forming new friendships at holiday parties. The possibilities are endless. It’s a month with plenty of everlasting first impressions.As an extrovert, I truly enjoy social gatherings, especially during the holiday season. Tom always says I get my energy from others, but I know not everyone naturally feels comfortable starting conversations randomly with the person next to them. The idea of potentially meeting someone special this season, whether it be your new BFF, potential in-laws, or your future partner in crime,the holiday season is undeniably a very special one. As friends and family #cometogether this holiday, I thought I’d share a few tips on making your first best impression this season.

1) Mints and Candies
Is it me or are we always almost losing our voices at parties? I have learned to bring lozenges or mints to keep my voice strong, but it also means your breath is always fresh when you’re having to speak closely to someone when the music or crowd gets loud.

2) Hand Written Thank You Notes or Thoughtful Gestures
It’s always a good idea to bring a hand written card to just express your thanks for the invite. People always appreciate the thought that goes into a gift. Bringing something unique other than food that adds to the holidays or offers relaxation after the holidays is always really nice.

3) Don’t over indulge at the liquor table
I have a very low alcohol limit so I hardly drink. Honestly, I can get so sleepy after I drink so I stick to one glass, but there’s always that one person that everyone remembers, but not for all the best reasons. Remember that videos online are forever and not to be that person.

4) Compliment & Inquire
If you see someone you want to talk to but don’t know how to introduce yourself, offer a compliment. Everyone loves to be appreciated for their look or style, and it becomes your conversation starter.

5) Inquire
Let’s be honest, people love to talk about themselves and really appreciate when others are interested in learning more. Be a good listener, ask good questions and you’ll often leave a great first impression

6) End on a High Note
I remember one of my frist office internships as a teenager, I was invited to the company party. I had such a good time meeting everyone. At the end of the night, I went to say goodbye to everyone and I do not know what possessed me to do this, but right as I left the door, I yelled goodbye to everyone. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s an office party. I said goodbye to everyone at an office party, and at the end yelled it one last time. I look back now and laugh at myself, but that night, I realized how immature that was. Remember to be polite and be on your best behaviour to save yourself embarrassment.

7) Dressing Smart
The holidays doesn’t mean a dress fit for a bachelorette party is appropriate. You never know who might show up, so dress chic, classy and comfortable.

I love a statement jacket. While a striped jacket may seem simple, this one from Banana Republic has a beautiful bit of a sheen on it. Anything that has has a sateen or is metallic always comes off as being on the dressier side. For a casual holiday outting, I let it be the focus of the outfit and added some more sheen with a patented bag, leather pants and detailed black leather pointed shoes. That deep violet purple is the Pantone color of the year, so I wore this bag I had in my closet to bring out the purple in the striped jacket.

I love a great leather piece. Instead of a leather skirt, I’m wearing a vegan leather shirt jacket from Banana Republic. I paired it with my metallic skirt and pearl earrings. When at a restaurant, it’s never too warm so leather up top is a chic, different and classic piece.


What are your own tips on making a great first impression as friends and family come together to celebrate this season? Let me know in the comments below. For more inspiration on style and travel, follow me on Bloglovin♥Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list for special announcements and exclusive content.



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