Best Instagrammable Spots in London

November 27, 2017

When I’m not travelling, I certainly am thinking about it, and I’m sure all you avid travellers can relate. London was such a wonderful experience for me. I got to revisit some of the sights I had seen on my first trip about a decade ago. I honestly cannot believe it took me so long to return. On my latest trip back, I didn’t get to stop at all the beautiful spot I had seen or heard about, but I always think of it as a great excuse to return! Today, I wanted to share some of the prettiest spots to visit, get a great view and if you desire, capture your best instagrammable photo in London.

I thought I’d make a few of these easy for you by breaking it down into a few categories that I find really helpful.

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlifeLondon's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlifeCarnaby Street
This is such a fantastic street. It’s located just off of one of the most popular shopping areas in London: Oxford Circus. Here, you’ll find cute shops, plenty of restaurants and cafes tucked away in little alleys and along cobblestone streets. It’s super charming.

Londond's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife #londondesserts #dessertsPeggy Porschen
The front of this shop is so darling, if the cute little cakes and tea options doesn’t lure you in, the front doorway certainly will. I am a strong believer in dining or shopping where I take a photo of a store-front, if it makes sense, or if I can. I feel like it’s just a great way to give back to the shop-owner who paid to create such a welcoming space! I saw this spot 2 years ago online and knew that I’d want to come for a visit. I met up with Sophie of @silkandstrands and we popped in for dessert. If you didn’t know already, I have a love for food and of course, I got 2 desserts and a proper cup of tea.

Buckingham Palace
This is a no brainer, but what people try to continuously do is attempt to photograph it from the front gates. At all hours of the day, this place will be so packed with people. Get a clear shot of it up the gardens, where you’ll snap the entire palace with flowers I didn’t make the effort to swap lenses, so this is a close up, but at you’ll get an unobstructed view with the fountain and flowers strategically hiding hundreds of people in front.

Red Telephone Boots
I shot a red telephone booth back in Santa Barbara, California so it’s not really as rare as you think. You’ll find one at Universal Orlando as well, but when in London, your trip really probably isn’t complete unless you get one officially from the UK itself! If you really want a unique red photobooth shot, you should see the Telephone Booth Dominos! If you just want 1 phone booth in your shot, you’ll find a few all around the city. I got a photo of one by Big Ben, and speaking of…

Big Ben
When you get to the Big Ben, you’ll also have an outstanding view of The London Eye. What a pretty spot. It’s incredibly crowded, so if you want a clear shot, walk partway down the bridge for one because there are so many people at the end of the bridge trying to get the exact same shot.

Tower Bridge
I happen to have walked across the Tower Bridge and it was such a pretty spot, I wish I had stepped back for a better photo, but it’s actually just as lovely on it. I posted this photo on IG here.

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife

Photo credit: Sketch London

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife

Photo credit: Bob Bob Ricard

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife

Photo Credit: Restaurant Guru & Qnola

The Ivy
This cute restaurant funny enough is connected to the Covent Garden, and it’s really chic. If you’re like me and like to to find good spots but are on a budget, they have a set menu available. See website for hours.

The Covent Garden
I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t stop into the Covent Garden, but I did take photos outside of it as I was passing by to a show during London Fashion Week, which I wrote about here. The interior is so pretty, grab your favourite food and snap a photo on the upper level. You’ll find Laduree, a cute bench with floral decor, beautiful little shops and street performances.

Sketch London
I’m saving this one for either a group of girlfriends or with my hubby who happens to love sweets. Such a cute spot. I saw photos of this a couple of years back and then months later, it started flooding Instagram.

Royal Exchange Grind
I found cute colorful cold brew with latte art back in New York early in the year and tried it out for the hype (pink one and green one), but if you love a pretty latte shot, this is a spot where you’ll find a pink or green one one.

Farm Girl Cafe
I personally have never been and I have heard too many mixed reviews about this spot, so be fair warned. It’s a bloggers spot and the food is on the pricier side but the in photos, the food looks absolutely incredible.

Palm’s Vault
Hanging plants, pink seats, marble tables and exposed bricks for walls make for a pretty shot here. Photo credit to Topshop’s Blog. You’ll find colored drinks with your food here.

Bob Bob Ricard
If you love a luxurious, rich interior to dine at, as I do when you want a romantic dinner, business meeting or splurge, Bob Bob Ricard is a must.

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife

Photo Credit: Muymia

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife COLORFUL SPOTS
Neal’s Yard
If you love colourful spots, Neal’s Yard is like a children’s coloring book. This is also located near Covent Garden.

Primrose Hill
If you’re far from the Bahamas and want to see colorful pastel homes, Primrose Hill has a street of them. Definitely a place to get a gorgeous spot, especially if you love pastel colours.

Churchill Arms
The exterior of Churchill Arms is literally a bright burst of colorful flowers, but so is the interior, so stop in for a drink at this English pub.

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlifeLondon's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlifeAnd, of course, there are pretty bright doorsteps and grand doorways all around London. These were shot in Nottinghill area.

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife

Photo credit:

The Shard
If you want sweeping views of London (hopefully on a clear day), you can go up and dine at one of the restaurants to catch the skyline. this beautiful spot is amazing for groups and couples to enjoy, but I love a great view when I work, so I would’ve definitely made reservations for 1, answered some emails, maybe write, and enjoy the entire experience.

London's Most Instagrammable Photogenic Spots #fashionblog #blogger #travel #london #londoncity #instagrammable #prettylondonspots #londoncity #londoncafes #londonlife

Photo credit: Skygarden London

Sky Garden
Speaking of views, stop by the highest garden in London. There’s plenty of seating!


Green brocade boots are ZARA. Silver boots are EGO. Both are sold out, but I’ve links some other options below.

If you have your own favourites, please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear and I’m sure everyone else will too!

I hope you enjoyed this post. For more inspiration on style and travel, follow me on Bloglovin♥Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list for special announcements and exclusive content.



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  • Reply Aleeha November 27, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    I really want to go to sketch… purely for the benefit of my Instagram account
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    What stunning photos! Love the metallic booties, such a fun piece for fun locations!

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    Thes photos and places are very beautiful. I love your outfits and obsessed with those sunnies!
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  • Reply Elegant Duchess November 28, 2017 at 5:15 am

    You captured a lot of great places in London. I have been to all of them except the Sketch! Gosh, that place looks amazing, all in pink!

  • Reply The Fashion Folks November 28, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Oh love this guide! London is just the best and definitely a place for lots of favorable instagram shots. Love that it feels like there are different cities within one and that you can reach them all. Notting Hill is just the coziest but also love the elegance of Mayfair. Haha kind of wanna go to London asap now. Have a lovely week Miki! Xx

  • Reply Mary Maria November 28, 2017 at 8:58 am

    Very cool! I like it!


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    Oh my your trip looks so amazing and you look fashionably fabulous in every shot. Loving every look. I would love to get to London again.

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    Love your style!Amazing pictures:-)

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    Wow! You’ve shared some really beautiful spots, girl! I love your perspective in that you take photos of cute places to give back to the owner or decorator, that’s such a great way of looking at it. I also love all of your outfits, as always. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great rest of the week!



  • Reply Hillory November 28, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Love this idea for a post!! Now if I ever go to London, I’ll have some cute places to visit haha!



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    Oh I love this article, I ll save it for my next trip to London!
    Peggy and Sketch look fantastic!
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    This is a fantastic post!! London just seems dreamy in general.

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    The London red telephone boots are such a classy. It’s the kind of thing that immediately makes me think of London.
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    Ahh I wanna visit London so badly and I wanna visit all these places for the pictures too! Haha

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    Keeping this in mind for when I go to London, I’ve seen a lot of these places popping up on my instagram feed as well!

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  • Reply Abigail Jones November 29, 2017 at 7:42 am

    I live in London and havent visited some of these! I do love seeing tourists post by the red telephone booths as they’re just so common for us to see that we hardly recognise them as special. I really want to take photos in Neals Yard as it’s just so vibrant! Thanks for sharing.

    Abigail Alice x

  • Reply Vanessa November 29, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Such a great post! I love London and truly picked the best places!

    PS: Thank you for your kind condolence wishes re: my pup Bodhi. It truly meant a lot to me and my family.
    Happy Wednesday, babe!
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    Definitely the best spots in London! and those green booties are stunning!!

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    Splendid photos! Love it!!!
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    Sketch London looks amazing! These are all such unique and gorgeous spots. We’ll have to put them on the list for the next time we’re there!

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    Loving all these spots! Sketch London is on my list next time. Loving your metallic shoes as well. XO, Ellese


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    I adore your stylish outfit with the blue blazer!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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    Thanks for sharing love! I will be in London in December and I cant wait to check out some great places. I pinned this.

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    Wow these are some gorgeous spots! 🙂

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    Oh I loved this post Miki! The Peggy Porschen Cupcake store is one of my absolute favorites 🙂 and I will definitely keep those further tips in mind. I hope it won’t be long until my next trip to London!
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  • Reply Amely Rose December 1, 2017 at 10:01 am

    I love posts like this one, so inspiring.
    I have to admit, that London is one of my favorite cities of all time.
    But I haven’t visit all of your best instagrammable spots.
    Definetly have to.

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    London is amazing, you can find a cute space almost in every space!!
    Have a great day sweetie!

  • Reply Susanne - Bag at you December 2, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Ohhh wow!! You really found the best spots in London!! Isn’t Carnaby the cutest street! I lived right behind this street for three months (best days of my life, hahaha)! Also really love Sketch and The Ivy!! Thanks for sharing babe! You make me want to go to London now! Also, really love your green boots! Xx Susanne –

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    Definitely bookmarking this for when I go to London next! xx

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    I love how there are so much to see in London! The architecture looks amazing! Even though the palace sounds packed, you managed to snag a clean picture of it! UGH I love how the cafe is decked out with pink interior goods. That’s my kind of place LOL. Hope you had a great time in London!

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    These are all beautiful places!
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